YUZUTOWN Special Exhibition / ゆず特別企画展 | YUZU × Shibuya Pixel Art

A special exhibition by Yuzu and a total of 24 artists.The main visual is the yuzu Emoji created by Joetaka Kurita, the creator of "Emoji," which is in the permanent collection of MoMA. A special printing process was used to create a three-dimensional effect and to accentuate the colors and give them a strong presence.

アーティストゆずと総勢24名の作家による企画展。MoMAに永久収蔵されている“emoji”の生みの親 栗田穣崇さんのゆず絵文字をメインビジュアルに、特殊印刷で立体感と発色を際立たせて存在感を持たせています。

Produce : Sakaguchi Motokuni  /  Direction : Kawakatsu Koharu, Ono Shogo
Main Visual :  Kurita Shigetaka  /  Art Direction, Design : Okuyama Taiki